Handling cases in most counties and municipalities throughout the metropolitan area

Once arrested for any criminal offense, there are a countless decisions to be made regarding preserving your rights and beginning the process of ensuring your best defense. The sooner you can begin this process, the better chance you have of a successful outcome. Most arrests require you to be present at the first Plea & Arraignment Calendar but by hiring an attorney, that appearance can generally be waived.
However, arrests in the City of Atlanta, including DUI’s will require a court appearance the very next day, or on that Monday morning if the arrest occurs over the weekend. The only way to avoid appearing in court is to have secured legal representation, prior to that morning. Many people cannot afford to miss work, have pre-arranged travel plans or simply would rather not appear without the benefit of counsel. By hiring Steve, he will appear in Court on your behalf and begin the process of evaluating your case and advising you of the legal implications and your options.